Praemium RA Interior Design 2020

September 9, 2020

Welcome to the upgrade: In Yerevan office we have several meeting rooms, where we are organizing lots of meetings. We decided to re-design one of them and make it interesting. We have installed the world’s map and with magenta dots we have emphasized Praemium branches on it. (Melbourne, London, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Jersey, Yerevan, Coventry). #praemium #interiordesign #AnahitDesign #2020   It’s […]


Portrait: H․I․ | Illustration/design inspiration

September 3, 2020

Illustrator is all around you. The industry-standard vector graphics software is used by millions of designers and artists to create everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards.#graphic #graphicdesign #illustration #print #art #colors #portrait #ishkhanyan #AnahitDesign #2020 It’s only fair to share…



January 14, 2020

A creative concept is an overarching “Big Idea” that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. It is a unifying theme that can be used across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels and audiences. #creative #AnahitDesign It’s only fair to share…



January 8, 2020

#create #change #AnahitDesign #2020 It’s only fair to share…

Christmas background with glitter effect 03


January 1, 2020

Շնորհաոր Ամանոր եւ Սուրբ ծնունդ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year As the year draws to an end. I want to wish you the very best, my business partner and treasured friend. This year was a challenge, but we made headway. All our clients know we are here to stay. #happynewyear2020 #AnahitDesign #2020 It’s only fair to […]


ABSOLUT New Year special packages for 2019

December 15, 2019

Absolut packaging is a traditional surprise as always. Every Year Pernod Ricard Armenia offers its consumers Absolut in gift packages, which includes one Absolut original and one of 6 Absolut flavors (Lime, Raspberri, Citron, Kurant, Mandrin, Pears, Grapefruit and Mango). #AbsolutVodka #AnahitDesign #2019 It’s only fair to share…


Sticker Pack for Beeline Armenia

May 20, 2019

Preparing Sticker Submissions Let people express themselves in richer ways by providing stickers that can be used within their conversations on different spaces. Users can tap to send stickers in a thread, adjust their size, or peel and place them on top of bubbles, other stickers, and photos.   #beeline #AnahitDesign It’s only fair to share…


April 1, 2019

Welcome to Absolut Drinks Absolut Vodka is one of the most famous vodkas in the world. Launched in the US in 1979, it completely redefined the premium vodka landscape, becoming synonymous with art, culture and nightlife. By starting a revolution in cocktail creation and launching a range of flavors never before seen on the market, […]



February 27, 2019

Tasting Experience Reveal the taste of ARARAT Armenian Beauty To understand what is an Armenian beauty, years are needed. But the first acquaintance with it takes only a few moments and the following components. Old fashioned Syunik This cocktail is the perfect variation of the classic «Old fashioned». Syunik is a name of the region […]


Happy Valentine’s everyone ❤️

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day  Pernod Ricard Armenia Montmartre Restaurant-Cocktail-Bar #montmartre #valentines #rose #fourrosesbourbon #anahitdesign #2019 It’s only fair to share…