Lyudvigyan & Partners

August 15, 2017

Corporate Style Guide and Brand Guidelines for Lyudvigyan & Partners. #LyudvigyanPartners #LawFirm It’s only fair to share…


ArcTour | Medical & Religious Tourism

July 19, 2017

ArcTour is the first Armenian tour company, which aims is to offer Armenian Medical and Religious Tourism. #ArcTour #Travel #Armenia It’s only fair to share…


Monkey 47 Gin Night

July 13, 2017

German Monkey 47 Gin Evening Presented by Pernod Ricard Armenia in Armenia. #Monkey47 #gin #PernodRicard #Yerevan It’s only fair to share…


Travel Envelope

May 26, 2017

Travel mood envelope with vintage motives. #ComfortTravel #Travel #Armenia It’s only fair to share…


Comfort Travel Envelope

May 26, 2017

This envelope is for travel mood. It well help You not to lose your documents #ComfortTravel #Travel #Armenia It’s only fair to share…


St. Patrick’s Day at Yerevan pubs 2017

March 17, 2017

Irish humor, mood and rhythms in Yerevan pubs #Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar, #EDEN Cafe – Pub, #Irish Pub, #PUB 37, #Process, #Art Cafe “Van Gogh”, #Art Cafe “Modigliani”, Stop Club It’s only fair to share…


Jameson Caskmates

March 7, 2017

Jameson Caskmates table tants in Yerevan pubs. #JamesonCaskmates It’s only fair to share…


Valentines Day with Chivas in Cascade Royal Yerevan

March 3, 2017

#Chivas   It’s only fair to share…

frederic malle_1

Café Society scented candle from the Frederic Malle collection

February 17, 2017

Developed by a team of highly skilled perfumers, Café Society was created to emulate the mix of fragrances left in a living room by guests after a party. A delightful memory, fragile and sensual, the scent is like the imprint of a near and happy past. Presented in a chic, red tinted glass jar. Following the […]


Lillet for Valentines in Vahakni Restaurant

February 17, 2017

Jean Lillet came from Saint-Morillon in Gironde and moved to Podensac, a small town near Sauternes in the Graves region, in 1680. His descendants Raymond and Paul Lillet, merchants of fine wines, liqueurs and spirits, founded Lillet in 1872. They created Bordeaux’s first and only aperitif, known as Kina Lillet until the 1970s when it […]